Food and Save

How Food and Save works

How does Food and Save work?

We will explain clearly and concisely how to make the most of the APP Food and Save, it is very simple, do not worry 🙂

How do I find the establishments?

When you open your application, the first thing you will see will be the premises closest to you that offer your products, slide the screen to see what is there or use the search engine to select what you want to find as a pizzeria. You can also go to the local menu section to use the geolocation map and find the establishments closest to your location.

Why are some places blurred?

You may sometimes see places that are in a dark tone, this is due to several reasons:

1- The store has already saved all the packs 🙂

2- The time of collection of the packs marked by the premises has finish. If a local has the pick-up time of 17 to 19 in the afternoon, at 19:00 pm the place appears blurred until the day ends.

3- It is the closing date of the place or holiday

Also you can always access your information and location. In addition all the locals will always be activated again at 00:01 so that you can save the new packs of the day 🙂

What is it that I am going to buy?

Each day the stores will offer products that have not been sold during the day, so that each day both the volume and the product you buy may vary. But so you can get an approximate idea, by accessing the description of each establishment you will find the type of product offered by the establishment.

When can I collect my purchase made?

It is important that you see the time in which you can go to find your pack as each location determines your pick-up time. Within the profile of each establishment you can find the collection schedule and also in the purchase ticket. It is essential that you go at the established times. You can buy your pack until the end of the pick-up time, do not worry your ticket will last a while to give you time and arrive at the store. The establishment will always be open for at least another half hour.

How can I pay it?

You will have two payment options, through Paypal or with a credit card through the secure gateway STRIPE. We will never save this information.

I have already made a purchase, now what do I do?

Once the payment is made, a digital receipt will be created in the order section, which you can access from the main menu or from your profile. At this moment the order is in progress once you go to the store to pick up your pack you must show the receipt to the establishment’s staff and let them click on the “delivery confirmation” button.

Can I transfer my order to another person?

Orders are non-transferable but if you want to leave your mobile to someone else to go and look for it, you will not have any problem. 🙂

Can I cancel my order?

Of course you can cancel the order, we all can leave unforeseen. You have up to 3 hours before the start of the pick-up time to make the cancellation. You must send us a message by whatsapp canceling the order. Remember that if you do not arrive on time, you will no longer see the option to return your order.

Do you want to contact us?

If you have any questions, curiosity, suggestions or questions, you can send us an email to, we will gladly assist you.


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